Solgari is at the centre of the cloud software revolution transforming global business communications.

Our Story

Not since Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone in 1876 has technology unleashed such a huge change in how companies are communicating.

The near 150 year old telecommunications industry is currently being massively disrupted by the movement from hardware to cloud telephony software. For years businesses around the world have been putting up with the pain and costs of disjointed, unintelligent communication systems. But the cloud has changed everything. And this is where Solgari has developed our proprietary cloud telephony software & carrier platform since 2011.

Today, Solgari is the only global provider of all business communication services including telephony, collaboration, contact centre, IVR and compliance through an integrated cloud telephony solution. Our customers use whatever services they need through any device that connects to the internet, avoiding the need for expensive, disintegrated hardware, software and carrier solutions. The impact of this unique SaaS application versus the legacy alternative is unprecedented cost savings and huge productivity gains.

The future of communications has arrived.

Led by a team of seasoned, senior directors.

Solgari is an innovative cloud telephony provider led by an expert team of senior directors who have particularly strong knowledge and expertise in the fields of technology, financial services and corporate finance. We are applying decades of experience with Level 3, Texas Instruments and Citigroup as well as the invention of incredible cloud telephony, WebRTC and biometrics software to now revolutionise business communication services globally.

John Colgan – CEO & Co Founder

A dynamic, experienced hand at the helm.

John is recognised for his software and services innovations, having already built several successful enterprises. John has over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry in a variety of roles, moving from engineer, to developer, to marketer, to strategist to CEO. John has been a leader in Level 3 Communications, Orygen and Texas Instruments. He is also an IMI/Cambridge University business mentor to several high growth technology companies.

Vance Harris – CTO & Co Founder

World class telecoms engineer, cutting edge cloud architect.

Vance has designed and patented an array of telecom and voice biometric technologies which are now used in law enforcement and financial services worldwide. Vance is a renowned expert in contact centre design, build and delivery. He has implemented highly innovative, successful solutions for Express National Carriers, Computer Cab and others. Vance credits long distance running for much of his innovative thinking; ‘40 minutes into a run the mind clears and great ideas appear.”

Edward Grant – CFO & Co Founder

Deep SaaS corporate finance expertise, focused on the detail.

Ed has 20 years of experience in technology, private equity and corporate finance. A graduate of University College Dublin and the University of Regensburg, Ed spent 10 years working in corporate finance with Citigroup in Dublin, London and Paris, covering the Technology, Media and Telecoms sectors. Ed subsequently moved into private equity with a particular focus on software as a service leading to the launch of Solgari.