How Cloud Communications is Taking Contact Centres Global

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Today’s global economy presents both the opportunity and expectation for enhanced customer care and service through contact centres around the world. This aspect of the globalization trend is fuelled by the availability of highly skilled, lower cost personnel in various regions, the increasing demand and expectation of local product and service support, and company mergers and acquisitions that open new territories for established organisations.

Whatever is driving your business to go global, the challenges facing your contact centre managers are becoming increasingly common. However they are even easier to address with the help of cloud communications services. By centralising your contact centre needs on one powerful cloud communications platform, your organisation can improve service, compliance, mobility and scalability, while minimising cost and taking advantage of communications features only available from the cloud.

Local Access

The perception of proximity can be a major competitive advantage for companies in widespread markets. Previously organisations accomplished this with regional phone numbers, but good cloud communications providers offer companies the ability to have local phone numbers in the same locations as their customers.

Because cloud telephony solutions are available anywhere there’s an internet connection and offer modular functionalities, you’re able to set up anything from a single phone number for a sole local operator to an entire local call centre, depending on your business needs.

Higher Call Quality

The call routing capabilities of traditional contact centre solutions typically passes all calls through a single data centre in one location, regardless of where the caller and the agent are located. This results in hair-pinning calls around the world, where a call from Europe, for example, may be routed through a North American data centre before it is answered by an agent in Europe. Routing calls all around the world can result in call latency, dropped calls and other quality and service issues.

By moving your contact centre to the cloud, you eliminate the need for hair-pinning calls and benefit from improved call quality, in addition to added cloud telephony system functionality such as CRM & IT system integration and in-built security that only a cloud contact centre can provide.

Increased Mobility

Business today happens on the move. Successful, ambitious companies are recognising the value of making their workforce mobile, not only to increase their own agility but also to attract and retain top talent. Cloud contact centres give your workforce access to complete, up-to-date data wherever they connect to the internet, meaning your business and your employees’ capabilities are not bound by an office. Cloud communications platforms empower the mobility needed to meet clients, host meetings and close deals where and when you need to.

Effortless Scalability

Maybe your organisation is looking to expand into a new territory—and one day the right opportunity pops up unexpectedly. With cloud communications, you can be working locally, with full access to your company’s CRM data and the ability to make, take and host calls and conferences, as soon as you can get on the plane. Cloud communications platforms like Solgari have complete contact centre capabilities available as modular features of the same system, meaning they can be turned on when you need them. Whether you’re adding a new employee, a new department or a new company acquisition, cloud communications mean everyone can be online quickly and with minimum or zero hardware costs.

Centralised Data

Being global used to mean multiple teams in multiple regions working from multiple databases. With cloud communications, data is truly shared from multiple sources and across multiple systems and able to be accessed in real time by all employees, regardless of location, language or time zone. Cloud communications platforms feature intelligent integration with core IT and CRM systems, meaning everyone is properly informed and able to readily respond to customer needs and company directives.

Leave legacy technology constraints behind and go global

Cloud communications is key to taking today’s successful contact centres global. In addition to advanced call and video features, improved security and compliance, and integrated data management, cloud communications can empower a global workforce to operate with the agility and precision expected in the modern market.

Talk to the team at Solgari to learn more about how cloud communications can help take your contact centre global.